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Renee the Artist 

                              Renee Goldsby Photography was founded by a passionate portrait photographer who loves the art of telling stories through beautiful photographs since 1999.  My affinity for art began when I was a child - I always loved finding forms of self expression, mainly because I was painfully shy and had trouble expressing myself in spoken word.  

Photography was a path I explored out of sheer curiosity but soon became engulfed in this amazing medium.

What I love about it the most is how it transcends time.  Its an honest look at life. That's why I strive for authenticity in my work. I love to photograph, especially my children. I love going on long rides, reading good books, an excellent cup of tea (venti chai tea), movies, big t-shirts, web browsing , crisp fall days, good conversation and anything that makes me laugh.

Normally, I'm pretty laid back and kind of a jokester - I have a weird sense of humor - and trying not to take life so seriously; but I also have a strong work ethic (something my parents instilled in me,) and take immense pride in what I do.    I am looking forward to meeting and working with you very soon ..

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